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Post  Talonec on Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:02 pm

PWO's 2013 Official Kick Off Tournament

Postby MasterOfTheHunt » Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:13 pm
Registration is open, Please post in the Reg topic to Register, not this one.

It's time for an OFFICIAL EVENT. This Event will test your battle skills on a different level than usual. You will need to have 3 different teams ready to go. The question is, do you put all your best in one team and hope for the best for your other two teams; or do you balance them out? There is new strategies to be discovered. Be creative. Read the rules carefully and post any questions or concerns below.

1) You cannot use the same Pokemon more than one time between all three teams.
2) The Following moves are banned - OHKO Moves, Self Killing Moves, Ice Beam(Frosslass only)
3) Switching in battle is not allowed.
4) Disconnecting in battle will result in a loss unless agreed upon by both players.
5) Server Crash will result in a rebattle with same start.
6) No Sharing Pokemon.
7) Banned Pokemon - Slaking (Final Decision, Not allowed in any rounds of the Tournament)

Now this is an official event so there will be no entrance fee, however you must meet the requirements to be allowed in this tournament.
You will be required to have 18 Pokemon at least level 97, and they must all be different Pokemon. You will be using THREE TEAMS of SIX DIFFERENT POKEMON. This tournament is to try and create something different than just the standard best 6 Pokemon you can throw into one team.

The matchups will be a best 2 out of 3 format. The amount of people that enter will be what creates the matchup system. If we get enough people we will have group play first with a point system followed by a bracket system to finish the event.

When will all of this start?
Monday Feb 4th will be the start date. The initial matchups will be released that day.
Registration will end on January 30th at 11:59PM Pacific Standard Time.

When registration opens, you must post in the topic that you want to join and send me a PM with the 18 Pokemon you have to battle with so I can check that you are infact ready and I will add you to the accepted roster.

Whats the prize?
That's a secret but well worth it, it is an official event after all. No clues or hints will be given.
There will be a prize for 1st 2nd and Third

Further details of match making and how that will exactly work will come out when I have a better understanding of the number of entrees.
*As of right now, the opening round will be broken down into groups and there will be a point based system
**Second round is still being determined based on number of total applicants

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